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Drum Cypha – Kmag Guest Mix


This is a mix i did for Kmag back in May / June ’13, a promo mix for SRBE Recordings, took me three takes to get the mix just right. Lots of heavy tunes, lots of variety too.Several exclusives at the time, some have now obviously been released. Tracklist below.
Drum Cypha

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SRBE Mix003

The third mix with exclusive SRBE Material mixed by Stone and hosted by Semtex MC. Including the latest and forthcomming releases from Drum Cypha, Budoka, Typecell, Spectre and Jaxx & Mythz.

DOWNLOAD – 83.3mb – 320kbps | 35:06min

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SRBEMix003 Artwork

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[SRBEDIGI016] Drum Cypha – Year of the Minotaur EP


What should we tell you about the mighty Drum Cypha? His music tells you everything you’ve to know. The EP is his fourth release on SRBE and you can feel the force of the beast in every beat. Even DJs like Bailey, B-Key, Outrage, Gremlinz, A-Sides, Digital, Peshay, Equinox , Kane, Phantom Warrior and Jem One (just to name a few) know and understand the spirit of his drums and basses.

RELEASE DATE : September 03rd – OUT NOW

01 Requiem For A Nightmare
02 This Place Crawls
03 I Feel You Falling
04 Year Of The Minotaur

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[SRBEDIGI013] Lifeless – Feel U Fallin / Saint Seizure


Do you ever wake up suddenly to a falling sensation just after you have fallen asleep?
This strange falling sensation is known as a Hypnic jerk If this has happened to you on more than one occasion, don’t worry, you are not alone. Close to 70 percent of all people experience this phenomenon just after nodding off.
The general consensus among researchers is that, as your muscles begin to slack and go into a restful state just as you are falling asleep; your brain senses these relaxation signals and misinterprets them, thinking you are falling down. The brain then sends signals to the muscles in your arms and legs in an attempt to jerk you back upright. This misinterpretation that takes place in your brain may also be responsible for the falling dreams that accompany the falling sensation. Is more like a daydream or hallucination in response to the body’s sensations.
None other than Drum Cypha aka Lifeless delivers this feeling music wise on SRBE. The first release for 2012 and catalogue no. 13 for the label. Feel U Fallin is a dubstep remix of the original Drum & Bass-version comin ur way some time this year. Saint Seizure tho,takes you deep inside the minds of Lifeless more precise. Just another Big release.


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SRBE Mix002

The second SRBE Label mix. Selected and mixed by Korth:ex. Including the latest releases by Marvel Cinema, Phantom Warrior, Drum Cypha and Cycom.

DOWNLOAD – 73.4mb – 192kbps | 51:40min
Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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[SRBEDIGI009] Drum Cypha – Cathedrals Of Ice EP

Drum Cypha - Cathedrals Of Ice EP

If you go back, dont go back to the good times, but go back to your roots!

Nobody turns nobs and smokes beatz like the one they call Drum Cypha. This is the evidence. World exclusive next to Digitals label Function, we are proud to announce the mans 2nd release on SRBE.

Bouncin of this 4 track EP Cathedrals Of Ice passes thru with the original jungle Drum and Bass vibes we love since day one. Mental spheres over a chopped up amenbreak, cypha-style. Rollin out with a simple, monotone bassline. Big, bad n’ heavy.
Naltrex One keeps the monotone but bad rollin vibe, while Wastelander is a guranteed rewind on any Floor, no matter which genre. Wicked selected and set piano-string. Universal technic.

To keep our style of settin surprises for all lovers of Chill-Out Hip Hop Downtempo Beatz, Lotta Love gives you what you need. A guranteed heavy rotator in your musicbox.

These tunes are being played by DJs like Digital, Bailey, B-key, Equinox and A-sides, amongst others.

RELEASE DATE : March 16th – OUT NOW Mehr …

SRBE Mix001

A piece of music with exclusive SRBE material. Collected and mixed by wizzla.
Check out the old, coming and future Beatz from the gorilla studios.

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[SRBE Digi002] Drum Cypha – Blunt Object (VIP) / It Hunt’s Alone


The 2nd Digital strike by the infamous Berlin based label SRBE.

SRBEDIGI002 is none other than the “Mickey Ward” of jungle,fightin the the mental war within himself “oldskool vs nuskool”,the true “breakbeast”-DRUM CYPHA.
Straight out of Pembrokeshire, south west Wales. Drum Cypha is part of the Function Records, Timeless Recordings camp and now also the SRBE Camp.
Predominantly known for dirty, hardcore tracks, he is also known to turn his hand to most styles and thus his tunes have been spun by a wide range of DJs such as Bailey, Digital, Grooverider, Goldie, John B, Fabio, DJ Storm, A Sides, Loxy, Gremlinz, Spirit, Outrage, Subject 13, Crissy Criss, Vapour, Randall, Stranjah, Equinox and many more…..
His tracks have also received plenty of radio airplay on Radio One, BBC 1xtra, Future Flavas NYC, Itch FM, Bassdrive and more….
SRBE managed to sort out these two dutty,perfect combinated and distinctive Drum and Bass Culture Pearls you NEED in a striking set,hence LOCKED in your case.
Last but not least the artwork for this release was put together by NOMAD.

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