have a seat with a sick beat
ima dig deep
three minutes to speak
my mind find divine interventions
the hand of god
odd mysteries intentions
i sleep walk i night stalk my own dreams
im scared stiff with no screams
travel the night like a fiend
did i mention without addiction
but not without a mission
hip hop is my tradition
the secret cleared my vision
it makes me listen to the vinyl hissing
and popping like fried eggs in the kitchen
or my brain on drugs flipping
im frantically looking for whats missing
to the puzzle the piece to complete my struggle
step up my hustle
trust me i trust you
because once i was you
i don’t hate i love you
your my equal my life my culture my people

with my last breathe i pay the cost
with my own death i walk willing
with a feeling that building without
im all in
im on my hands and knees
im crawling i cant deny the feeling im falling
im coming so keep calling
im lost in a maze
wilderness to find the strength in stilled in us
without it its killing us
so slowly
and you act like you don’t know me
its a lie i can see it in your eye
and i hear it in your voice
its your choice choose wise
make a decision
open your mind and listen
or watch while its slipping away
nothing left to say or do
its up to you one day ill meet you
and speak to my equal
my life my culture my people