we come around you that girl grip is tight
we clutch not cluck you don’t sense what ain’t right
we come around you quickening of breath
not thinking you follow us into the night

moves shakin’ so hard your walls come tumblin down
think we’re heaven sent
killin’ time with girls with looks to kill but we’re lookin’ to kill
now you’re pestulent
you narrowly leave now believing it’s true what they said
cuz the only all-girl gang in town has just had you

we gain in number, fall in as we come around the corner
it’s audible, you stuck standin’ still and still try to swallow
pace confusing, an illiusion to whose heart is hollow
we take a whiff of you and know where you are
pitch high as the nights dry, where you are
bare legs flash, quiet as they pass, ‘cept eyes not asking ‘stead burnin’ mad
none of who dunnit, who’s coming, got the pigs runnin’
wavin’ sticks got sticks for dick, runnin’
get shifted shadows bereft of substance, the sustenance of souls grown

i say you’re lame real crippled boy, you can’t have this
that ain’t the line i through to reel ‘em in like fish
shark-infested waters
no sons just daughters
i’ll see ya later boy but right now i’m givin’ orders
these are the ways
what your ma knew
before me
these are the ways
what your ma knew…

whose streets our streets teeth cut to rip meat
protect your neck pretty white expanse
whose streets our streets teeth cut to rip meat
long live the lizzies!
whose streets our streets…
leavin’ crimson traces chicks packin’
plus whole lotta magic
we got the streets suckas y’all suckas…