Stench, stench, dirt, stench… everywhere suffocating.
Dirty streets, nervousness, attention… some bedlam.
Some children, playing something… with some rags,
throwing rags to another.

Women with their babies, publicly feeding their babies,
but they have no… no breast, it’s just flat,
babies with some crasy eyes looking.

It was not a world, that was not humanity.
Streets full… full. Apperently all of them lived in the street.
Some children running by themselves, or with their mothers sitting.
It wasn’t humanity, it was some… some hell.

There were two boys – nice looking boys.
They walked, they were talking to each other.
At a certain point a boy gets to his pocket – without even thinking… Shoots…
Some (groaning), some broken glass, some (groaning).
The other boy saluting congratulating him, they go back… (weeping).