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The 5th Digital strike by the Berlin based label SRBE

Ripped and tested in over three countries like England, Austria and Germany for the last 13 months by prime time DJs like Drum Cypha, Mad Vibes, Callide, Soulpride, Balance and Prime Source plus Online Radio Shows and UK Piratestations, Phantom Warrior finally made it and we are proud to announce the release of this with full force, all style and NRG pumpin 5 plus 2 Bonus Tracks rollin BLUR E.P.
Phantom Warrior been around the scene representin heavily (Eventpromotions, production and Djing) for the last 16yrs. Now in Berlin together with DJ Nursa he promots the well known Club Session INTENSE DNB rotating in different locations thruout the city.
This 7 track E.P. enwombs all styles, facettes and strucctures the heart of a true junglist stepper is craving for. It will get you fidget and jumpin. From a intelligent minimal heavy bass roller, to the heaviest in jump up bizness straight to the all crew love it rumpshakin piece of music TRUFFLE SHUFFLE, we bring you Spectacular Beatskeletons embodied with big, fat Basslines and smokey Strings. Even the last hater and mulish individual will say: “This is BAD!” Keep your ears to the Street!
Once again this release was polished and soundscaped proper by none other than Simon “Red” Alert.

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a. BLUR__________________________________
minimal heavy bass roller
b. JA MAN________________________________
destruction terror hard n heavy

c. OLDSKOOL BABY________________________
oldschool big jungle roller

d. SCARY THEME__________________________
jump up PW style

e. STREETS VIP____________________________
mob deep sample simple and heavy

f. TRUFFLE SHUFFLE_______________________
true german rumpshaker drumandbass “Goonies” sample
g. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN____________________
the “drunken master” style rollin jump monster