Founded in the former East Berlin in 1999, SilbaRueckenBeatzEntertainment already delivered their second Drum & Bass compilation Dainjahruz Crowned and now the first digital EP is on the starting block.

N-Noiz, whose timeless tracks like 1995, 1998 and Grand Slam created a sonic attack, now arrives with Wrinkles Of Time building percussively into a flaring drum firework that shows how the art of Drum & Bass is not just about high tempos but rather well thought out arrangements. His track Tiger And Dragon convinces and impresses with all the elements that top-class Drum & Bass consistently have.

Phantom Warrior, who together with Nursa rocked Berlin with the party series “Intense”, delivers after Streets and Hustla a new crowd bouncing pleaser Across The Space a dark floor monster from the artist who recently had Grooverider energized in the club, and who reminds us that jungle music was first and foremost as dance music designed. Mamasan – who is also known as G-Cut, and comes from the hip hop scene – has been working on new beats since the millennium. Since 2006 he’s worked as a solo producer and his Black Bamboo Recordingz studio offers sessions where also in 2007 he met SilbaRuecken mastermind Semtex MC. Result: in 2009 they both founded the successful project Urban Ronin. With “Lil’ Girl” Mamasan turned out a heavy headbanger with a sensual vocal sample and the hypnotic results are impossible to dislike. On “Midst Of Sexxx” he appears together with Semtex MC in the deepest sonic areas of raunchy sex films: unsurprisingly with clear and direct ideas, and friends of pornographic soundtracks will get their money’s worth. Yes!

Available at: Beatport Beatport